In 2001 I started my first company (Boston Comedy Productions) from my dorm room at Northeastern University. Starting with booking local comedians at my college I quickly started booking shows at universities throughout New England. By 2004 I started a weekend comedy club on Cape Cod at the Radisson Hotel where I brought in comedians from around the country and had countless sold-out shows.
From there I was lucky enough to open a full-time club, Mottley's Comedy Club, in Faneuil Hall (Boston MA). We had incredible comedians grace our stage, such as, The Smothers Brothers, Bill Burr, Eugene Mirman, Gary Gulman and many, many more.
Until 2011 I made my living performing and producing shows throughout the Northeast until my first child was born. At that point it was time for a lifestyle change. Things like job benefits, stable income and not working nights/weekends sounded attractive. So, it was time to 'pivot' and find a new career. The next chapter of my life has continued with the start of 

Mottley's Comedy Club

The highlight of my comedy career was starting Mottley's Comedy Club in Boston, MA. From 2007-2011 I produced almost 1,000 shows and had one of the best experiences of my life. We were honored with the award of "Best of Boston" by Boston Magazine in 2010, "Boston's Best" by the Boston Phoenix in 2009, Hosted Comedy Central Auditions, were mentioned and "Late Night" with Conan O'Brien and were featured in numerous other TV Shows, Newspapers and Magazines.
Below are some clips from my club:

ABC's "Chronicle"

NBC's "The Today Show"

Mottley's Farewell Weekend!